Happy Around the Globe is a coaching & training company that helps people and organisations thrive in an international and intercultural environment

Coaching & Training

Coaching & training for

HR & Management


  • Are you working for an organisation with many expats?
  • Are you responsible for fostering diversity & inclusion in the workplace?
  • Do you wish that both your international and local employees know how to bridge cultural gaps and build on common ground?


Happy Around the Globe is your partner!

Coaching & training for

working or living anywhere in the world

  • Are you planning to move abroad and would you like to know what to expect on an emotional level ?
  • Did you just arrive at your new destination and could use some help understanding the local culture?
  • Are you already living abroad for a while and do you wish to start thriving?


Happy Around the Globe will make you love your life abroad in no time!

Coaching & training for

working or living in an intercultural environment

  • Are you an executive, manager or employee that needs to work effectively with individuals from other cultures?
  • Do you wish to greatly increase your chances for success when doing business with different cultures?
  • Are you in an international relationship or marriage?
  • Do you have a migration background?


Happy Around the Globe will take your intercultural awareness to the next level!

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