“Moving to a new country with a totally different language and customs can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Sophie’s program has a good method and will help me find and reach my targets and make this transition smoother.”

Suzana C. Almeida

“It was my first time having a coach. I came to Sophie through someone else. And I am so happy! Sophie is a great listener and asks the right questions that really helped me. I only experienced positivity. The coaching sessions helped me a lot and that is what it is all about. In short: 5 out of 5 stars.”


“Our conversations were very pleasant. I got the chance to tell my story and Sophie really listens without judgment. The coaching gave me new insights and as a result solutions for my goals came up. The coaching sessions really helped me”.


“Being part of Sophie’s intercultural program is taking positive impact on my big question: moving after years abroad in New Zealand back to my roots in Europe and starting a new adventure there. Due to her way of asking questions, her positive vibe and expertise, it was easy to built connection with Sophie and have a roadmap how I can unfold the process for myself. My result after just one session was more clarity. Puzzle pieces in my mind were creating a bigger picture where it became easier to have a direction, a pathway that feels good for me. I enjoy working with Sophie. I can highly recommend her guidance to other expats which are facing some sort of cultural issues. You won’t be dissapointed! Thanks Sophie”.

Silke Hardegen

“I recommend Sophie’s coaching to everyone! She is calm and thorough and therefore knows how to get to the core. After the first session I was able to get started right away and to apply more focus”. 


“When you arrive in a new country, it is like you are born again, but with bills to pay. We have to learn everything from nothing, and the culture could be a big challenge. Sophie just “holds my hand”, and guide me on my way. We understand what was my biggest cultural challenges and after that, where and how we should go”. 

Meriane Augustin

“I am thankful to Sophie’s support so that I no longer fear the life in The Netherlands. Sophie’s enthusiasm and professionalism are impressive. I enjoyed a lot”.

Mengze Zhu